Sept 1, 2023 -- New DOE Project on Multiport Power Converters for PV-Battery-EV Microgrid Power Systems

Sept 1, 2023 -- A new project on the development of high-efficiency galvanic isolated multiport power converter for PV-Battery-EV microgrid power systems was recently awarded by DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) program DE-FOA-0002903. Dr. He serves as the Principal Investigator, in collaboration with Epower Technology, LLC.

Unlike conventional solutions using multiple individual power converters to interconnect various energy sources, this project aims to develop one monolithic power converter with bi-directional power interfaces, so the power can be flexibly controlled through various energy sources, depending on the mission conditions. The proposed power converter concept has the advantages of high energy efficiency, high power density, low cost, galvanic isolation, and bi-directional power control.