Nov. 2, 2023 -- AMPERE Researchers Present and Exhibit Project Accomplishments at IEEE ECCE-2023 and IASAM-2023

Nov. 2, 2023 -- AMPERE researchers present and exhibit project accomplishments at the 2023 IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Expo (ECCE) and the 2023 IEEE IAS Annual Meeting, two conferences cohosted together in Nashville, TN. There are totally 8 papers presented and 2 exhibitions/demonstrations given, which are listed as follows. We would like to sincerely acknowledge the great support from NASA (University Leadership Initiative), National Science Foundation (NSF), Office of Naval Research (ONR), Valvoline Global Operations, IEEE Zucker Foundation, and Department of Education (DoEd).

#1: Novel Integrated On-Board Battery Charger for All-Electric Aircraft Based on Multiphase SPM Synchronous Machine 

      Authors: Mohamed Y. Metwly and JiangBiao He

#2: Simplified Fixed Switching Frequency Model Predictive Control for AFPM Motor Drives in Distributed Electric Aircraft Propulsion System

      Authors: Farzad Y. Notash, Benjamin Luckett and JiangBiao He

#3: Multi-Physics Modeling of Power Electronic Converters with Liquid Immersion Cooling

       Authors: Reza Ilka1, Yiju Wang1, JiangBiao He1, Ronak Ali1, Aaron Swartz1, David Chen1, Ning Ren2, Z. George Zhang2, Gefei Wu2, and Roger England2
                     1University of Kentucky;    2Valvoline Global Operations

#4: Performance Analysis of Optimally Designed BLDC Motor Equipped with Different Winding Layouts for Robotic Arms 

      Authors: Mohamed Y. Metwly, Landon Clark, Biyun Xie and JiangBiao He

#5: Digital Twin Health Monitoring of Five-Level ANPC Power Converter based on Estimation of Semiconductor On-State Resistance
      Authors: Majid T. Fard and JiangBiao He

#6: Genetic Algorithm Enabled Multi-Objective Design Optimization of Power Converters for Electric Aircraft Propulsion 
       Authors: Benjamin Luckett and JiangBiao He

#7: Impact of Immersion Cooling on Balancing Semiconductor Thermal Distribution in NPC Multilevel Converters for Transportation Propulsion
      Authors: Reza Ilka1, Yiju Wang1, JiangBiao He1, Ning Ren2, Z. George Zhang2, Gefei Wu2, and Roger England2
                    1University of Kentucky;      2Valvoline Global Operations

#8: Mitigating High-Frequency Overvoltage on Motor Windings: An Adaptive Approach

      Authors: 1Milad Sadoughi, 1Arya Sadasivan, 1Alex Howard, 1Fariba Fateh, 2JiangBiao He and 1Behrooz Mirafzal

                         1Kansas State University; 2University of Kentucky

#9: Student Demonstration: Interactive Multi-Objective Design Optimization of Power Converters (Ben Luckett)

#10: Exhibition: Fault-tolerant 4-Leg T-Type Inverter for Electric Propulsion Applications

      (The inverter prototype and demo video were provided by our AMPERE Lab, and the exhibition was hosted by our industry collaborator SanRex Corporation)