The research scope of the AMPERE Laboratory includes development of high-performance electric motor drives, power converters, and electromagnetic apparatus for broad applications. Particularly, the laboratory is focusing on the following topics:

  • High-Performance Motor Drives
    • High efficiency, high power density and high reliability (H3) of motor-drive systems
    • Integrated motor-drive systems in emerging applications (UAV, robotics, etc)  
  • High Efficiency and High Power Density Power Converters
    • New power converter topologies and control strategies based on SiC/GaN devices
    • Converter system optimization for special applications
  • Health Monitoring and Fault-Tolerant Operation of Power Conversion Systems
    • Digital twin framework development for power conversion systems
    • On-line prediction of electric faults in power electronics and motor drives
    • On-line fast diagnosis of electric faults in power conversion systems
    • Fault-tolerant design and control of power conversion systems  
  • Transportation Electrifications (EVs, MEAs, etc.)
    • High-performance hybrid and electric propulsion drives
    • DC fast chargers and solid-state DC circuit breakers
  • Microgrid and Renewable Energy Integration
    • "PV+Wind+Energy Storage" hybrid renewable energy systems
    • Hybrid AC/DC microgrids


Funded projects in the AMPERE Lab are listed as follows:

  • PI, "High-Reliability Aircraft Propulsion Drives based on Digital Twin Technology," funded by NASA-KY EPSCoR, Aug 2020-July 2021.
  • Co-PI, "Ultra Fast Resonant DC Breaker," funded by U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E), collaborated with PI Dr. Weise, Aug 2019-July 2021.
  • Co-PI, "STTR: Utilizing Electrical Waveforms for System Diagnosis Through Simulation, Data Analytics and Machine Learning," funded by IAI Inc., MD, collaborated with PI Dr. Liao at UK and Dr. Voronin at IAI, Jun 2020 - Jan 2021.
  • PI, "Ultra-Compact High-Reliability Aircraft Propulsion Drives," funded by NASA-KY EPSCoR, Aug 2019-July 2020.
  • PI, "Solid-State DC Circuit Breaker for Microgrid Applications," funded by U.S. Southeastern Center for Electrical Engineering Education (SCEEE), July 2019-June 2020.
  • PI, “Modeling and Simulation of Aircraft MVDC Propulsion Drive Systems”, funded by U.S. Southeastern Center for Electrical Engineering Education (SCEEE), Jan 2020-July 2020.