Sept 1, 2023 -- New DOE Project on Multiport Power Converters for PV-Battery-EV Microgrid Power Systems

Sept 1, 2023 -- A new project on the development of high-efficiency galvanic isolated multiport power converter for PV-Battery-EV microgrid power systems was recently awarded by DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) program DE-FOA-0002903. Dr. He serves as the Principal Investigator, in collaboration with Epower Technology, LLC.

Unlike conventional solutions using multiple individual power converters to interconnect various energy sources, this project aims to develop one monolithic power converter with bi-directional power interfaces, so the power can be flexibly controlled through various energy sources, depending on the mission conditions. The proposed power converter concept has the advantages of high energy efficiency, high power density, low cost, galvanic isolation, and bi-directional power control.


Aug. 26, 2023 -- Group Hiking and BBQ at Twin Knobs, KY

Aug. 26, 2023 -- To celebrate the new semester and welcome our new team members, researchers at the AMPERE Lab had a great group hiking and barbecue at Twin Knobs, KY.

Aug 7, 2023 -- Dr. He Gave a Tutorial in ESTS on Reflected Surge Overvoltage in WBG Motor-Drive Systems

Aug 7, 2023 -- In the 2023 IEEE Electric Ship Technologies Symposium (ESTS) held in Washington DC recently, Dr. He gave a joint tutorial on Reflected Waves and Surge Overvoltage of Electric Machines Fed by Fast-Switching WBG Power Converters, collaborating with Dr. Behrooz Mirafzal from Kansas State University.

Wide bandgap (WBG) switches are very beneficial in improving power density and efficiency of motor drives, but the fast-switching behavior induces reflected surge overvoltage which poses new challenges on the dielectric insulation of motor stator windings, especially for MVDC and HVDC systems. In this tutorial, the fundamental principle of reflected waves and surge overvoltage were reviewed, and the pros and cons of the existing and new solutions were discussed.   


Aug 1, 2023 -- New NSF Project Awarded on Digital Twin Reliability Modeling of Solid-State Transformers

Aug 1, 2023 -- A new project on Digital Twin Reliability Modeling of Solid-State Transformers was recently awarded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). In this collaborative project, Dr. JiangBiao He serves as the PI at the University of Kentucky (Lead Organization), collaborating with Dr. Mohammed Agamy at the State University of New York at Albany (SUNY-Albany). This project starts on August 1, 2023, and will conclude on July 31, 2026. 

Solid-state transformer (SST) is a revolutionary technology that can dramatically improve the power density and efficiency of power transformers, in addition to providing flexible power flow control and power quality regulation. However, low reliability is a major drawback preventing further development and commercialization of SSTs. In this project, a portfolio of digital twin predictive reliability models will be developed which is expected to significantly improve the reliability of SSTs.

June 15, 2023 -- Dr. He Received Early Tenure & Promotion and Faculty Excellence in Research Award

June 15, 2023 -- Dr. JiangBiao He received early tenure and promotion to the rank of Associate Professor, as well as the 2023 Faculty Excellence in Research Award from UK College of Engineering. Thanks to all the research collaborators and project sponsors! 

(From left to right: ECE Department Chair Dr. Michael Johnson, Dr. JiangBiao He, and Dean of UK College of Engineering Dr. Rudy Buchheit)


May 12, 2023 -- Lab Farewell Party for Group Member Jonathan Taylor's Graduation

May 12, 2023 -- The AMPERE Lab organized a farewell party for the graduation of Jonathan Taylor, an undergraduate researcher who has been working on electric propulsion power converters under the supervision of Dr. JiangBiao He since September 2021, sponsored by NASA-KY research grants. Upon graduation from the University of Kentucky, Jonathan will join Battelle Memorial Institute as an electrical engineer. Battelle is a private non-profit science and technology development company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, managing a number of national laboratories and research facilities on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

Congratulations to Jonathan! 


May 1, 2023 -- 400MW Utility-Scale Battery Energy Storage Installed by PGE

May 1, 2023 -- Dr. JiangBiao He was interviewed by The Associated Press (AP) about PGE's recent installment of a 400MW utility-scale battery energy storage plant for power grid applications, the second largest installation in the U.S. Dr. He's comments were quoted in the news articles published by The Associated Press and Fortune, both are well-known global media organizations. The links to access the news articles are provided below. One research topic that the AMPERE Lab has been focusing on over the past years is high-efficiency power electronic converters and controls for utility-scale energy storage, and multiple technical papers have been published in various IEEE journals.

April 26, 2023 -- Jonathan Taylor Received Best Presentation Award in 2023 UK-ECE Research Symposium

April 26, 2023 -- Jonathan Taylor, a senior undergraduate researcher at AMPERE Lab, received the Best Undergraduate Presentation Award in the 2023 UK-ECE Research Symposium. In this annual symposium, there are close to 40 presentations given by UK-ECE graduate and undergraduate researchers. Jonathan's work has been focusing on the development of a high-efficiency fault-tolerant electric propulsion inverter concept under the supervision of Dr. JiangBiao He. Jonathan also showcased the two compact inverter prototypes in the symposium that he has developed from scratch over the past year. The research has been partially sponsored by a NASA-KY URF program and our industry partner SanRex.   

March 24, 2023 -- AMPERE Lab Presented Research Achievements in APEC-2023

March 22, 2023  -- The 2023 IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference & Exposition (APEC), a flagship conference in power electronics was just held in Orlando, Florida, on March 19-23, 2023.

During APEC-2023, a fault-tolerant high-efficiency T-Type multilevel SiC propulsion inverter prototype was demonstrated in our industrial partner SanRex's booth. The high-performance SiC inverter was designed by our USP student Jonathan Taylor, under the supervision of Dr. He, sponsored by a NASA-KY EPSCoR URF program. For more details about this inverter, please refer to our patent and paper as follows: J. He and N. Demerdash, “Fault-tolerant topology for multilevel T-type converters,”  U.S. Patent 10,658,920, issued May 19, 2020, and our published paper J. M. Taylor, M. T. Fard and J. He, "A Multifunctional T-Type 4-Leg Inverter for Various Operation Modes of Electric Aircraft Propulsion," 2022 IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference & Expo (ITEC), Anaheim, CA, USA, 2022, pp. 1205-1210.

Meanwhile, a paper based on our recent research achievements from the NSF project (#2135543) on smart coils for AC motors was presented by our PhD candidate Majid T. Fard. Our academic collaborators on this NSF project include Dr. Fariba Fateh's team at Kansas State University. The objective of this project is to develop an ultra-compact high-efficiency mitigation solution for the reflected surge overvoltages in long-cable-fed SiC motor-drive systems. The main paper information is provided as follows, and the full version can be accessed in IEEE Xplore soon.

M. Fard, J. He, M. Sadoughi, B. Mirafzal, and F. Fateh, "Smart Coils for Mitigation of Motor Reflected Overvoltage Fed by SiC Drives," 2023 IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference & Exposition (APEC).


Feb. 27, 2023 -- Dr. JiangBiao He was Interviewed by PBS-KET on EV Charging Infrastructure

Feb. 27, 2023 -- Dr. JiangBiao He was Interviewed by Mr. Casey Parker-Bell at Kentucky Educational Television (KET), the largest PBS state network in U.S. This interview is about the development of charging infrastructure of electric vehicles in Kentucky. The episodes can be found on the KET website: