Feb 2, 2022 -- A Review Paper on "Wind+Solar" Hybrid Power Generation Published in IEEE Journal

Feb 2, 2022 -- A comprehensive review paper on "Wind + Solar" hybrid power generation was recently published in IEEE Open Journal of the Industrial Electronics Society, co-authored by Ph.D. candidate, Pranoy Roy, Prof. JiangBiao He, Prof. Tiefu Zhao at UNC Charlotte, and Dr. Yash Singh at Eaton Research Lab. This paper presents a thorough review and analysis of the state of the art  (147 bibliographies) on the emerging topic of wind-solar hybrid renewable energy systems, which is a promising technology promoted by U.S. DOE and many renewable energy industries to solve power intermittent issues, enhance power system stability, and reduce the capacity requirement of energy storage components.

More details are shown in the full paper available in IEEE Xplore: P. Roy, J. He, T. Zhao and Y. V. Singh, "Recent Advances of Wind-Solar Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems for Power Generation: A Review," IEEE Open Journal of the Industrial Electronics Society, vol. 3, pp. 81-104, 2022.

Jan 25, 2022 -- 5-Year NASA Project on Hybrid-Electric Aircraft Development

Jan 25, 2022 -- NASA has recently selected 4 teams of university faculty and students to participate in the agency’s University Leadership Initiative (ULI) with a research focus on sustainable aviation. The teams will spend up to five years on the proposed project, exploring novel ideas, including elimination of emissions and autonomy research in support of advanced air mobility. The full announcement is available as the NASA ULI Release 21-176.

ULI gives the academic community an opportunity to contribute to NASA’s aeronautical research and provide students with valuable experience in solving real-world technical challenges. “Aviation of the future has to be climate friendly to keep the world flying, and a great way to do that is to allow tomorrow’s top minds to begin making contributions to these goals while still in school,” said Koushik Datta, ULI project manager. 

Four large multi-disciplinary teams have been selected nationwide. The one including the University of Kentucky (UK) is led by Florida State University and comprises Florida A&M University, State University of New York at Buffalo, and Georgia Tech. The industrial partners include Raytheon, Boeing, and Advanced Magnet Lab. The UK project will be led by PI Dr. JiangBiao He, and Co-PI Dr. Dan M. Ionel, both with UK ECE and PEIK, to develop high-performance electric propulsion motor-drive systems. 

AMPERE Lab has been intensively working on aircraft electrifications over the past years, with more than 20 technical articles published on this topic in prestigious journals and conferences. The lab has been developing different critical aircraft power components and systems, including power converters, motor drives, DC circuit breakers, and propulsion drivetrain optimization.   

Nov 18, 2021 -- Congrats to Cole Ivey on Passing the M.S. Thesis Defense

Nov 18, 2021 -- Congrats to Cole Ivey on passing the M.S. thesis defense on the topic of Hybrid-Electric Aircraft Propulsion System based on SiC Triple Active Bridge Multiport Power Converter. Cole's research has been supported by the NASA-KY EPSCoR grant and the TVA fellowship, under the supervision of Dr. He. Cole has joined Ethicon in Cincinnati, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson corporation (a Fortune 500 company) as an electrical engineer. 

Oct 18, 2021 -- DOD DURIP Award to Build Real-Time Hardware-in-Loop Simulation Platform

Oct 18, 2021 -- We are awarded a DOD DURIP (Defense University Research Instrumentation Program) grant to build a real-time hardware-in-loop simulation platform, to enable modeling, online fault prognostics and diagnostics, fault protection as well as digital control of power components and systems. This awarded project, $876,408 in total, is led by PI Dr. Yuan Liao, and the Co-PIs include Dr. JiangBiao He, Dr. Aaron Cramer, and Dr. Dan M. Ionel, all from the electric power group at the University of Kentucky. 

Oct 10, 2021 -- Our Lab Participates in the ECCE-2021 Virtual Conference and Presents Recent Research Achievements

Oct 10, 2021 -- Prof. He, and PhD candidates, Pranoy Roy and Majid T. Fard, participate in the virtual 2021 IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition (ECCE-2021), one of the flagship international conferences in electric power energy area, between Oct 10 - Oct 14, 2021.

During ECCE-2021, Prof. He gives a 3-hour tutorial with Prof. Fang Luo from Stony Brook University on developing "SiC+Si" hybrid power modules and power converters, a new power electronics concept to achieve high energy efficiency and high reliability with low cost. Pranoy and Majid give online presentations on "wind-PV-ESS" hybrid renewable energy systems and electric aircraft medium-voltage propulsion inverters/drives, respectively. The titles of these presentations are provided below, and the full content of the papers will be published in IEEE Xplore soon.

[1] F. Luo and J. He, “Hybrid Semiconductor Switches based Power Modules, Converters, and Systems”, 3-hour professional tutorial.

[2] M. Fard and J. He, "Comparison of Medium-Voltage High-Frequency Power Inverters for Aircraft Propulsion Drives"

[3] P. Roy, J. He, and A. Cramer, "Three-Port Multilevel Converter for Hourly Dispatching Solar PV Power with Battery Energy Storage System"

[4] P. Roy and J. He, "Economic Analysis for Hourly Dispatching Wind Energy Power Using Battery and Supercapacitor Hybrid Energy Storage System"

Sept. 1, 2021 -- New NASA KY Space REU Grant on Fault-Tolerant Electric Propulsion Drive System

Sept. 1, 2021 -- Our lab was awarded a one-year NASA KY Space REU Grant on developing fault-tolerant electric propulsion drives, to improve the reliability of aircraft electric propulsion systems. Our student Jonanthan Taylor will be working on this project under the supervision of Dr. He, and the researchers at NASA Glenn Research Center will also be invovled in providing technical guidance.



July 29, 2021 -- Dr. JiangBiao He Received the 2021 Zucker Faculty Grant

July 29, 2021 -- Dr. JiangBiao He received the 2021 Zucker Faculty Grant on developing digital twin technologies for electric propulsion drives, which helps enhance the reliability of the electric propulsion systems in electric vehicles, electric aircraft, and electric shipboards. The Myron Zucker Faculty Grant Program was established within the IEEE Foundation by the IEEE Awards Board in 1987. Every year, only two research proposals are selected from the global professional society for the Zucker Faculty Grant Program.


July. 1, 2021 -- Project Awarded by DOE ARPA-E on Extending the Service Life of Large Power Transformers

July 1, 2021 -- DOE ARPA-E (Advanced Research Projects Agency–Energy) awarded a new project on the lifetime improvement of large power transformers, collaborated between General Electric (GE) Corporation and our AMPERE Lab. This is a two-year project, with a total funding of $1.71 M, led by GE Research. 


June 28, 2021 -- Congrats to Pranoy and Majid on Starting the Summer Internship with Leading Industries

June 28, 2021 -- Congrats to Ph.D. students Pranoy Roy and Majid Fard on starting their summer internship with Eaton Corporation and Canoo Inc., respectively. Eaton is one of the top global power management companies, and Canoo is an American manufacturer of electric microbus and commercial EVs. 



May 14, 2021 -- Dr. JiangBiao He Received ECE Outstanding Teacher Award

May 14, 2021 -- Dr. JiangBiao He, received the 2021 ECE Outstanding Teacher Award. This award, voted by both UK-ECE undergraduate and graduate students, recognizes a teacher in the ECE Department who demonstrates outstanding teaching and promotes academic excellence.